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The Enterprise Architecture Today

By Daniel Lambert, Contributor, CIO | APR 9, 2020 3:00 AM PDT

Business architecture is not just about business capabilities and business processes, it’s foremost about optimizing value for your customers.
Traditionally, business processes have been the principal means of interaction between business stakeholders in enterprise architecture. The notion of business capability, a more recent concept, allows a better understanding of how software applications are supporting the business.

But because some new business capabilities have no supporting applications, while others have too many, this metric fails to capture the value of an agile, customer-driven organization that demands more rapid and continuous innovation and more fluid business strategies.

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Professional Enterprise Architecture practitioner for over 25 years in IT software development and architecture.
Holds many certifications of applying and teaching TOGAF 9.2, DevOps, Agile Scrum, ITSM.

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