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Welcome and Thank you!

At the begging and foremost, I would like to welcome you and thank you for your patronage, I am not a writer! nor have interest in writing articles and editing and fill my posts with bla bla bla as seen with many websites that drove me nuts for just digging and finding the right information straight to the points.
I have to admit, that there are many great articles and posts that inspired me to start my own, and present my knowledge and experience to my fellow students, and colleagues at work that we met at a common client.

These posts that are authored in this section, are no way close to perfection, however I strive to reach this ultimate unreachable goal, but we need to start somewhere, and that somewhere happens to be "HERE!"
I will leave you enjoy or (criticize) my work if you will, this is how we call it "Continuous Improvement"

with my compliments!
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